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About Northern Air Hospital Radio
Although staffed by volunteers, Northern Air Hospital Radio offers a range of programmes that would be the envy of any professional broadcasting organisation.

Halle Orchestra
The jewel in the crown of our schedule described by many as the most entertaining programme they've ever heard, must be our regular broadcasts of the Halle Orchestra live from the Bridgewater Hall in the centre of Manchester. This in itself is an achievement without parallel in the output of either BBC or commercial local radio.

Danielle and Georgina presenting from our darkened control room in the Bridgewater Hall. Northern Air Hospital Radio Fund Raising picture Northern Air Hospital Radio Fund Junior Broadcast

We recognise that although away from normal life its listeners still want to be kept informed of what's going on. At Northern Air Hospital Radio we make sure that the latest national and international news is broadcast every hour, twenty four hours a day. This is achieved partly though an organisation called Independent Radio News (IRN), who provide us with hourly bulletins via a satellite link. Coverage of local sporting events is also a high priority with weekend sports shows and regular sports updates.

In 1988 Northern Air launched the country's first "healthy" radio station. Its aim was to provide information and advice on health issues to its listeners. This together with a wide range of information including chemists' rotas, what's on guides and local news, ensure that its listeners are amongst the most informed in the area.

Saturday Sport comes to your bedside on Channel 1 between 2pm -5pm every week, covering all aspects of sport. Let me introduce you to our very professional team; Steve Martin who produces the whole affair; presenter Tony Graham and his guide dog Bailey, (at the moment we are trying to get some headphones for the dog) and finally Simon Collins. This is one of the most intense programmes on Northern Air Hospital Radio, we have results coming into the studio from all directions and to do this takes a great deal of skill.

Throughout the year we have guest sportsmen and women popping into the studio for a chat; we even interview people by the phone. Just recently we have linked up with F.C. United of Manchester, who have just been promoted, which coincides with the opening of their new stadium Broadhurst Park in Moston.

Finally, the whole team would like to wish everyone a speedy recovery.

From the Halle Orchestra to popular music shows. From regular outside broadcasts to radio bingo. The logo used by Northern Air - "There's always so much more ......." certainly seems to accurately describe the service that is available to the "captive" listeners of Northern Air.