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Sean Critchley
Sean CritchleyMy name is Sian Critchley and I have been volunteering at Northern Air Hospital Radio since August 2013.

I had been looking for a project to get involved with for some time before I discovered Hospital Radio. I have found it is the perfect balance of interaction with patients and fun with a great team of people.

I usually visit the station on a Wednesday evening with Phil & Huma or a Thursday with Joe and John. We start by visiting the wards and speaking to patients to find out their favourite song or take their requests. We set up the patient bed sets so they are able to listen to the radio and give out headphones. Some patients don’t get any visitors so it’s nice to spend a bit of time talking to them and take a song dedication to cheer them up.

We get such a variety in the requests, recently I have been asked for classics like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Pink Floyd but we also regularly take requests for classical Music, Hymns and Pop songs by Katy Perry and Take That.

All this has really broadened my musical horizons and I love learning about bands I had never heard of! Sixties music is a big gap in my knowledge so this is where I am keen to expand.

Every week we will get at least one joke request for Stairway to heaven or Bat out of Hell and it’s nice to see the patients have a sense of humour!

Whilst I love visiting wards I also enjoy studio time and joining in with the live Show, this is always exciting as you never know what will happen live on air.

Recently I have presented my first request show and although it was scary I hope to do it again soon! I look forward to recording some specialist shows.

In the future I would like to develop my understanding of radio production and expand my technical knowledge of our systems.