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Rob Gough
Rob GoughI joined Northern Air back in early 2007 when I moved to Manchester to do a degree at UMIST (now merged with Manchester University).

A friend who had done student radio for many years in his home town had upon coming to university, joined Manchester University's Fuse FM. I'd never seen a radio station before, so went along to see him record a show and fell in love with radio there and then.

After three years of "The Rob and Dave Show" on Fuse FM (on various frequencies!) which I started with another friend (yes, I have more than one), university had finished and I found myself in a proper job, living in Manchester, and missing my weekly radio show. So, I turned to the internet where I read about hospital radio.

After contacting Northern Air Hospital Radio, I found myself at one of the new style open evenings, where we got a tour around the studio, visited some of the wards and had an introduction to the station, hospital broadcasting in general and the "higher purpose" of Northern Air Hospital Radio.

I stayed on after that and over a year later I'm still here! My previous broadcasting experience means I can help fill in whenever we have presenters short, but after a brief stint hosting the Monday night request show, I can now be mostly found loitering around on a Wednesday evening, with the help of Alex Ganotis and Dave Bee, we fill out the Wednesday night airwaves, visiting wards and playing requests.

The best thing, at least for me, about Northern Air Hospital Radio is speaking to the patients on the wards who often tell us how they had a request played the other night and that it really cheered them up. You can, sat in a studio talking into a microphone, sometimes begin to wonder whether anyone is listening, but when you are out on the wards it soon becomes obvious that people are not only listening, but finding it a great comfort. If you don't believe me, you should see our Patientline listening statistics !