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Kevin Hartley
Kevin HartleyI am of that age that I attempt different challenges for experience.  I never saw Northern Air Hospital Radio as a job or even a hobby I went along for a couple of weeks for the experience.  I have to confess the whole presenting part I thought was a little dull.  I was then after a couple of weeks accompanied on my first ward round meeting patients, Wow! I was hooked I was meeting interesting people who were pleasant and polite despite the fact they would have preferred to have been anywhere other than talking to me.  I have always found it to be a privilege and pleasure to visit the patients and get their requests.  After a couple of years as we were short of presenters I was asked if I would present for a couple of weeks.  A pattern was forming come along and look at the station for two weeks, present for two weeks I have now been a member of the Patient Station that puts the treat into treatment for over 15 years. As a presenter I have an unusual trait I hope the listeners have never heard me before and I hope they never listen to me again, that will mean they have not been in hospital or if they do come into hospital  they won’t be coming back.  Unfortunately that is not always the case and if you do find yourself in hospital at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evening immediately after the news you will hear Louis Armstrong, singing What a Wonderful World. As the song fades you will hear “Oh Yes folks this is the wonderful world show and I’m Kevin Hartley broadcasting live from your very own radio station Northern Air….