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Ken Anton
Ken AntonMy involvement with Hospital Radio started almost 40 years ago, when I read in the local newspaper in my home town of Dundee that the Hospital Radio station, run by TOC H, was looking for new volunteers to help keep the radio broadcasts going. I went along to an open night, and that was the start of a life-long passion for Hospital Radio. For me, it’s all about making your stay in hospital just a little bit easier, and I know from being a patient how much your favourite music can help on the road to recovery.

My personal taste in music is wide-ranging, from the classical music played by my parents when I was young, through the pop of the 70’s in my teenage years, to just about anything with a good tune for singing along to. I present three very different programmes: “The Sunny Side Of The Street” is a varied mixture of “good old tunes”, which will bring back happy memories of the 30's, 40's and 50's. “In The Drawing Room” features light classical and chamber music for listening and enjoying; and “Snippets” on Tuesday is a mix of fascinating facts and good music - just about anything, leading on to your requests. Just one of the advantages of Hospital Radio is that it can play a wide range of musical styles on one station, but always aiming to please.

I have been involved in Hospital Radio in many roles, as a presenter and producer, but also doing some of the jobs in the background that are not related to programmes but are nevertheless very essential. It’s hard work but very rewarding, and a great way to make friends and learn new skills.

I moved to Manchester when I changed jobs in January 2014 and found a friendly, welcoming team at Northern Air Hospital Radio, everyone doing their very best to entertain you during your stay in hospital. If you like what you hear on Northern Air, why don’t you come along and join the team and help us entertain people just like you!