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John Robinson
John RobinsonI have been associated with Northern Air Hospital Radio for approximately 30 years, working alongside committee members helping them as much as I could in my post as Hospital Manager.

I held a number of posts at North Manchester General Hospital during the 39 years I worked for North Manchester and Pennine Trusts, including that of the Facilities Site Manager. I retired 2 years ago and I now hold the position of Station Manager at Northern Air Hospital Radio, looking after the day to day running of the station. I have a great team of volunteers who help me keep the station on the air providing music and entertainment to the patients and staff of both North Manchester and Salford Royal Hospitals.

The day to day running of the station can be varied, a typical day would be communicating with the members about fund raising events, arranging training, attending meetings and generally acting as the stations representative with members of the Trust and the General Public.

In future months I would like to promote the Station with younger volunteers, not to discriminate against the older members, which includes myself, but to bring the thoughts of younger people into the running of the Station. One thing we have to commit to is playing the right type and age of music that the average patient age group will appreciate. The music of the 60's is always popular, although we have a broad selection of music requested during the request hour each night.

Each night and during the day we have volunteers going round the wards at each hospital collecting requests from patients and also helping them to get their bedside entertainment units programmed so they can receive programmes of their choice, we can provide, free of charge headphones if they have none. Patients are able to use the free telephone line from both hospitals to phone requests into the studio and have a chat on air if they would like.

We welcome new members both young and old, you don't have to be a radio presenter if you join we can always find you something to do, there are all sorts of things to do from going on the wards collecting requests to keeping our media status up to date on the Web, Twitter and Instagram. We like to see all our members doing the full range of jobs both in the studios, on the wards and helping out at outside events.

We have a number of events each year including Quiz Nights, Bag Packs at our local Supermarket, we have a stall at local carnivals and also we have nights out where we all socialise with each other.