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Dave Catterall
Dave CatterallHi, I’m Dave Catterall and I’m a recent addition to the Northern Air team. I first started at Northern Air at the back end of 2014 having moved into the area and realised that there was a radio station, almost literally on my doorstep.

My love of radio came about 2 years ago when a friend of mine was working for a local station over in Leigh, near Wigan, giving updates on community issues and playing mainly soul music and Motown. As my daytime job involves event planning and marketing, I offered to help promote the station, to which he asked if I wanted to go on air.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive as I’d never done anything like it but, I sat down, started talking with the other presenters and 3 months later, I had my own show. It was a 3 hour show which included music news, a mystery year hour, live tracks and a classic album of the week plus some traffic and travel news. It was broadcast on a Tuesday night and was cleverly called ‘The Tuesday Night Show’, it took me ages to think that one up!

I am a lover of all music (except thrash metal, does anyone really like that). My favourite artists include R.E.M, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon and Scissor Sisters; although, I listen to everything from Carpenters, Abba, David Bowie, Paul Weller, Stone Roses, The Smiths to most recently, Jungle, an electro synth group who played live on the BBC 6 Festival early in 2015. My ideal show includes a mix of music from most decades, throwing in some wild card tracks that you wouldn’t always expect, like The Killers singing Dire Straight’s Romeo and Juliette or Eric Clapton doing an acoustic version of Layla.

Being a part of hospital radio has been great. Initially it was all about what music I could play but then I found that my favourite part of being here is visiting the patients on the wards and chatting about what music they listen to and would like us to play. I love that everyone has a different taste and although we get a lot of ‘My Way’ and ‘The Best’ (to which I love to hear), we get everything from classical requests, to 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to a recent patient that asked if we had anything he could rave to, which we did... We play requests every night between 9pm and 10pm so if you see us on the wards, give us a shout and will play you what ever you want (except thrash metal, as I said no one really likes it).

So, I hope you enjoy the music and the chat and remember; it’s your station so let us know what you want us to play!