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Bradley Sansome
Bradley SansomeMy background is quite varied having done a mixture of jobs throughout my life; working at Manchester airport on the ground to working with my father in the printing and stationery business.

I travelled around the world back packing for ten years off and on tossing a coin where we were going to go it gave me a great start in life, meeting a wide range of people and cultures.

I've always loved music it stems from growing up with my father's wonderful collection of genres. I used to sneak in the lounge and pick out various albums all in those plastic covers you used to get for vinyl, and sneak upstairs to record them. I always remember my dad shouting up to me "What have you pinched? I know you've been here they're in the wrong order!" - in his dulcet tones. He didn't mind really, he was pleased I had the same taste in music from the Moody Blues, Elvis, Bread, and Credence Clearwater Revival. All so wonderful to listen to as a teenager.

I even had the cars to match my many 60’s albums including a Ford Classic 315, how I loved that car. I started out in life wanting to become an actor so in 2000 I did just that enrolling on a 1 year BTech in drama. I enjoyed it so much I then did the higher level the year after in acting. In 2002 I went to London to start my degree at Italia Conti where I studied for three years for my BA in acting. I always loved my radio courses there from radio plays to just being involved in the recording studio.

I'm very pleased I'm now at Northern Air Hospital Radio working with a great team being the recent newbie. I started in late 2015. My passion for music has always had a strong influence in my life so being able to play for the patients gives me real pleasure. I enjoy listening to what the patients like and play something personal to them. It's great when you get a song that's hard to find. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

I'm in very good hands coming in on Thursday nights to do the request show. Everyone is so professional and a joy to work with. Enough said you know who you are and a big thank you for letting me be part of your team.