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Bernette Clarke
Bernette ClarkeI joined Northern Air Hospital Radio in 2013 it was the best thing I ever did.

My day job is also working in a hospital, Manchester Royal Infirmary, as a waiting list coordinator which involves mainly dealing with patients, the difference with my volunteering side is the patient is actually in bed.

My mentor is Steve Martin whom I look up to for his expertise and knowledge of the systems and the actual playing of music hoping one day to give me the chance to have my own show.

In my spare time I speak all over the country to various organisations about myself being on National TV raising lots of money for all different charities.

In 2011/2012 I was the main female star of a Documentary called Strictly Kosher which I loved doing, I also was the guest of a morning radio programme on Key 103 and I starred on the morning breakfast TV show called Lorraine.

Even with doing all this TV work I still love my Tuesday evening slot putting smiles on all the lovely patients faces as a volunteer for Northern Air. I arrive at the studio excited to meet the team I work with, which could be Phil, Steve, Jeff, Joe or Howard all of whom are long standing members of the radio team and are willing to show me the ropes.

Being a volunteer helps me put a smile on a poorly patients face and hopefully brighten their stay in hospital, which could be a nerve-wracking experience.

I absolutely love my volunteering work and could never think of doing anything else so fulfilling. Lets keep up the good work.