Northern Air Hospital Radio
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How to Listen to Us
The Hospedia phone and entertainment system is available in all of our hospitals, giving patients bedside access to phone, TV, radio and the internet. Registering is completely free and users are under no pressure to use any of the services that are issued on a pay per day basis.

Northern Air Hospital RadioNorthern Air Hospital RadioNorthern Air Hospital Radio

Northern Air Hospital Radio programmes are free to all patients once the bedside terminal has been activated plus you also get a free direct line to the studios of Northern Air by dialling *800 on your Hospedia handset or press the Hospital Radio Quick Call button.

Simply select Channel 1 on the Hospedia handset and listen on the headphones attached to the control unit. If you do not wish to use the headphones, you can also listen to us using the loudspeaker in the main unit.

There are also speakers in the day rooms, out-patient areas and canteen to listen to Northern Air Hospital Radio. Each speaker has a selector switch. Simply select the hospital radio and adjust the volume level.